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Fab Abs- Routine 1

This is one of my favourite routines! I have been using this little combination of exercises for a while now and it seems to go down a treat in every class.
This is a nice flowing combination of exercises, it begins with stomach crunches, moving to Pilates toe taps, into toe tap crunches and finally a controlled lowering and raising of the legs.

To begin with, lie flat on the floor with your knees up. Place you hands either side by your temples or clasped behind your head. Sink your back into the matt so that you can feel you core engaged. Relax your shoulders and release any tension in your neck. You are now ready to begin…

  • 8 stomach crunches bringing the shoulders up off the floor- keep this movement steady and controlled, especially on the way down! -(this can be made easier by placing your hands on your thighs, or harder by placing your arms out above your head)
  • 8 Pilates toe taps- lie on your back with your knees in the air at a 90° angle. In a controlled movement slowly lower the right leg until your big toe touches the floor, then reverse this movement to bring the leg back into position. Repeat the exact same movement on the left.
  • 8 toe tap crunches- place your legs directly above at a 90° angle, and place your arms out above your head. In a controlled and fluid movement crunch up towards your toes. The aim is to touch your toes whilst keeping your legs as still as possible! – (this exercise can be made easier by speeding it up!)
  • 8 lower and rises of the legs- Slowly lower both legs towards the floor in a controlled and fluid motion, and stop once they reach a 45° angle from the floor. Squeeze your glutes and bring the legs back up to 90°. Repeat this 8 times. (make this easier by not lowering your legs as far, or make it harder by lowering your legs further)


*Please remember to warm up before you do this routine!*

Enjoy getting your sweat on, and Good Luck!



Be Fit,

Strong Core – Routine 1

This one is a killer! A short planking routine that works every part of your body…. Good Luck, you might need it!
A quick killer core workout for you!

Begin by planking on your elbows whilst holding your core and dropping those hips so that your body is in-line.

  •   rock the body forward and back in a controlled fluid motion.
  • Whilst engaging your core, gradually raise the right leg until you feel tension in your glute area, lower the leg and repeat the same movement on the left.
  • Lastly finish this combination off by jumping the legs out and in.
  • Repeat this combination 8 times to complete one set. You will need to do 3 sets to complete this workout.

You’ll find this workout an absolute killer, and it will work all the muscles in your body. If you’re new to exercise or to body strength work try and aim to do 6 repetitions 3 times through.

*Please remember to warm up before starting this routine*

Enjoy getting your sweat on, and Good Luck!




Be a fitter, healthier you!

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