Welcome to Lucy Be, a place for your everyday girl to find ideas, videos and posts helping you to discover a more active and healthy you! There’s no expensive gym equipment, fancy recipes requiring the most obscure ingredients, or any photoshopped transformation photos here! I simply upload all my latest workout routines and choreography so you do them wherever and whenever and I  fill my recipe posts full of super easy, super tasty and uber healthy meals so everyone can eat well no matter what your age, budget or lifestyle. I have also left some space to ‘Be You’, this is where I give you simple fitness knowledge, bust or hail health myths and give you some ideas of fun activities, groups and travels you can do to discover more of you!



I also run my own classes all over Brighton and Hove and would LOVE to see you there, check out my latest timetable and come and show me what you’re made of!

I Love to see a young girl go out and grab life by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass. -Maya Angelou



A little on how Lucy Be came about ….



I am a trained dancer, Musical Theatre graduate and full time fitness fanatic. My love of fitness and instructing came about at University where I discovered I got far more out of motivating others, than I was ever going to get from being a professional performer myself. Whilst at University I was privileged enough to be given multiple opportunities to choreograph and teach which led me to land my first job as a fitness and dance instructor out in Minnesota, USA.



I had the summer of my life and it was the greatest job in world!  I spent my summer instructing and coaching young women but soon discovered many had unrealistic and unhealthy ideas of what being fit and healthy really is. As wonderful as social media can be it also has a very dark negative side, full of unrealistic photos, unhealthy diet fads and unattainable lifestyles. Hearing their ideas made me see how much pressure, anxiety and lack of self confidence this has created, and I desperately want to change this and want to promote healthy active living .I loved where I worked in the USA because everything was positive, we LOVED food, we LOVED being active and we LOVED having fun,  and that is exactly what I want LucyBe to be about, we LOVE to Be Fit, Be Healthy, and Be Ourselves.



I want to create a friendly place for young women where you can find everything you need to lead an active lifestyle in one place. Somewhere where you know you can come for some inspiration and knowledgeable advice, with an online community that supports and inspires women of today.


Be a fitter, healthier you!

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